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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Grill'd arrives in St Kilda

These people opened a store near 7 Apples on Acland Street, so Pete decided to have a look...

ABC's inside reporter Luisa Saccotelli did an interview last year with the owner Simon Crowe, and this quote pretty much sums it up.
"A Melbourne eatery where the burgers aren't touted as gourmet but quality, fresh, with an even healthier dose of branding."

The reality is very close to this, though there was little branding in sight, which was a relief. Nevertheless you have to wonder whether someone who is more interested in how a burger chain looks, can maintain a focus on Tasty Burgers.

In the shop, there are a few choices of beef, lamb, chicken fillet, and veggie burgers with several dressings. All the ingredients are very fresh, and the beef in the Mighty Melbourne burger was about the leanest this writer has experienced. But how did it rate in terms of tastiness? How indeed... While the balance was mostly good, it was a little bland, except for an overpowering tarragon flavour in the mayo. Guys! Do not put tarragon in the burger, it is wrong and is considered a Burger Crime according to the Los Angeles protocols of 1894.

Other choices may be tastier - the chicken and lamb varieties are probably worth checking. Watch this space...

Interview here


  • Luisa's been busy. I saw them filming the drive-thru coffee shop story on my way to work during the week at Elsternwick.

    By Blogger surfnoosa, at 10:46 pm  

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