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Sunday, June 11, 2006

you win some you lose some

No one hates a post that ends in a whinge more than I do, so I'll get all the whinging done at the start! Soulfuel is a cafe in Torquay with an ambitious name and not much else it seems. I take a standard burger for $10 and get a Coles generic brand bun filled with plastic cheese, iceberg lettuce and that's about it at first glance. When i pick it up it feels so light that i assume that they've forgotten the patty but no they've got one in there between two slices of shitty cheese except it is about the size of a fifty cent piece! it is just ridiculously small and can barely be tasted, let alone be tasty. I'd previously complained about telstra dome burgers, but at least they were only $4 and I could watch the rugger, this Soulfuel effort was just a ripoff shitburger (though apparently their thai chicken "burger" was ok...)

[whinge concluded]

Sat finds Joeleee, his mate Aaron and myself cruising down the westsyeeed to Jan Juc where we find bliss conditions, comfortable sets onto a nice beach break, not a cloud in the sky and no wind to speak of. Joeleee manages to catch a bunch of clean face on his new board, must be the sexy brand-spankin fluoro red fin, and Aaron almost manages to catch a cold in a 3-2 wetty with the zip open. Splendid morning until a southerly came and made things a bit messy, but we'll be back again tomorrow with reinforcements to celebrate the birth of our glorious monarch.



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