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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Heathcote Redux!

Suddenly a mysterious blog about the famous Heathcote Burger appeared from behind a bush, surprising everybody with its ingenious simplicity.

The sign outside the Green Frog Milk Bar in Heathcote said:

So after a walk through the old mine workings, Joel-eee and Dub decide to try it. The milkbar has been a feature of Heathcote for many years. Most probably since about 1531AD when it first started serving meat and onion 'shandwyches' to the hungry farmers after a long day in the fields.

Since those early years, the milkbar has changed very little, except that the fare has transformed into a very tasty burger with all the modern additions. These days you'll find few farmhands in the cafe, but plenty of hungry customers!

Joel-ee seemed to enjoy the "Heathcote Royale", complete with beetroot:

Get that Tasty Burger down, Joel-eee!



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