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Saturday, October 14, 2006

We have a sympathetic committee

Based on the fact that at least one of the heathcote party was unfairly represented by the flash photography of previous post I have edited that post to make them look more like they usually do...

And will post a few pics here as well for our audience who might have been wondering, what has happened to the Tasty Burger crew? Too much actual living and having fun and not enough blogging it would seem! It kind of reminds me (but in the opposite way) of this great cartoon I saw once, heh. We're delinquent still on Joeleee's burger comp entry (see next post) AND we went surfing today AND serhio and I made tasty experiemental burgers last night... geez, get typing Lockie!

So last weekend there was the annual Heathcote Food and Wine Festival. We mustered up about 20 people for a camping trip there and had a rollicking good time drinking more shiraz than you could poke a stick at, even a stick with 3 prongs....

no tasty burgers and no surf (stage 2 water restrictions anyone?) but heaps of fun


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