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Monday, August 21, 2006

Witness the Fitness

It's been a long time in the making, and no I'm not talking about Luca, I'm talking about getting the whole surf posse down to Torquay! Waking up variously on Dub's floor or in Joeleee's kitchen after a sleepy friday night we cruise in style down the westside. Swellnet has got it right and there is heaps of size, maybe even a tad too much prompting even Zombie to use the power of white from way out the back. Mendes refines his thang in the shore break before taking a nap (see pic) while Joeleee catches more than anyone from his secret spot by the reef. Lockie and Dub discover the joys of clean green face by catching their best waves ever, boy were they fast! Dub's grin and ensuring hunt for more of the same may require us to give him a new name... let's wait a week or two though. At stumps Luca is the only one not to get wet as Millhouse takes a daring dip in only a springy but soon realises the folly of her ways, it is still damn cold in them thar seas.

Somehow for lunch we drift back to John Butler-ville aka Soulfuel cafe for a huge serving of trans-fatty chips and some very much less than tasty dahl, poopy. [In a Californian governer accent] "We won't be back..." What an unfortunate dearth of decent burger joints there is around Torquay! Not to matter, what a great day out and there was even talk of reviving the Tasty Burger Test Series at Mr and Mrs Zombie's house, any time you want guys!



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