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Sunday, July 24, 2005

in your neighbourhood, in your neigh-bour-hood

it now seems criminal that i've not visited Danny's Burgers in North Fitzroy earlier. Looked it up on the web with Pete and the place is only 3-4 blocks away on St Georges Rd near the Holden St intersection.

so we trundled down there and ordered identical double burgers with lot. Sitting waiting for them and looking at the handsome crowd (the walls are mirrored...) you would never guess that this place got the most votes in a recent public poll of top burger joints. Unassuming from the outside and decorated with signed footy memorabilia on the inside we were curious to see what we'd get.

Sure enough when the famed burgers arrived they were indeed tasty and decidedly old-skool. Good slabs of mince, bacon tomato, lettuce etc , nothing fancy but what there was, was done well.

Only two comments, could have done with pineapple on the burger 'with-the-lot' seems odd it wasn't there, and we agreed the patties could be spicier (but maybe we're not standard customers in that regard)

Either way, the 3am closing time, the laid back atmosphere, the proximity and good feed make this a tasty winner. I'll be back... [in a non-austrian, non-threatening type accent]



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