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Monday, July 18, 2005

thunderin typhoons tintin

Postcard perfect conditions on Sat with a cloudless windless sky giving glassy barrels that arced gracefully over our heads as we carved up the mirror-like surface of the 6' wall we were riding with no other surfers in sight...... actually only one part of that is true, there were indeed no other surfers in sight but only because conditions were so blown-out. Big cross shore winds made for a crazy morning at Forest as the more wind sheltered spots could only manage a ripple. Constant upwind paddling left one perpetually in the same position on a day more suited to kite flying than surfing. Didn't stop us though with everyone catching a few or getting blown off the board trying. Joel realised at the last minute that he had no injuries and somehow clanged himself atop his noggin in about 3mm of water.

Another debacle at Tracey's later that day with a round of hotdogs [!] in place of the usual burger. Not sure about the rest of you but mine sucked, burger again next week for sure.

On the upside we dicovered a new coffee stop on the way to Phillip Is. Not only does the Giant Worm (tm) have evil stuffed koalas and embalmed white-pointers, it also has chubby lookin dingos, shy talking cockatoos and decent toasted sangas, nice



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