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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

da prom

It has been a while coming but we finally manage to assemble the majority of the tasty posse for a roadtrip. Minus Stubbs the Zombie who is unfortunately indisposed, Joeleee, Pistol (aka dub), Sergio and Lockie, plus honourary member Michelle, head down the coast to Wilson's Prom which is chockers with familys and hippies. First day we're up early to be greeted by seemingly small messy waves at Norman Bay but upon investigating the south end of the bay we find some joy and ride decent crumblers for a few hours until brekkie. An epic game of settlers later (is it too much to mention that I win?) we head off to Darby beach in the north having been given the insider tip by a guy who professed to have surfed so long he used to ride doors ripped from beach shacks (?!). Darby's 1km walk from the road gives us the water all to ourselves and with a rough take off from a beach of stones we're out the back with some ripper freight trains thundering in to smush us. A ruptured ear drum returns me to the safety/warmth of the shore but Joeleee and Dub paddle their arms off and catch some huge frothas all the way to the beach amid whoops of victory, nice arvo out! An evening of atrocious hippy congo drumming and some less atrocious veggie curry later and Sunday morn finds us at Squeaky beach looking at the little bumps pretending to be waves. Proving that he's more at home in the water than out of it, Joeleee clambers up some rocks and leaps off onto his noggin doing some considerable exterior damage but not too much to the obviously robust inner workings. Time to head home then until the hopefully imminent next trip!

Final mention goes to the burgers with the lot at the Fish Creek takeaway by the petrol station: greasy, hot, cheap and definitely tasty.



  • go white water pete
    go whate water joel!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:15 pm  

  • OK spochlan, The bad news is that you're risking a life of anemia with your red blood cell crushing hippy bongo playing...

    "March hemoglobinuria can also result from repeated blows to other body parts, and has been observed in martial arts and players of conga and bongo drums"

    The good news is that it's called "march" because you also get it from marching a lot so changing your flower-chain making ways and joining the army won't help.

    Solution: Eat more burgers :)

    By Blogger SassC, at 11:09 pm  

  • oh no there's been a terrible mistake! it was the capoeira group camped next to us that played the terrible congo drumming and somehow i've been tarred with the same dreadlocked brush! lol

    but will eat more burgers anyhow

    By Blogger Tasty Burger, at 5:57 pm  

  • Was this the place at fish creek:

    "Heading East, George's of Bairnsdale (5152 2613) still seems to rule the roost after 50 years, but Fish Creek's Orange Roughy Cafe (5683 2207) is also putting out a fine burger."

    The Age Article, June 2005

    By Anonymous Pete, at 12:10 pm  

  • Hmm Not sure.... lets go back and check one weekend soon!

    btw you need to blog your glassy surf on Sat and Sergio's big 3!

    By Anonymous Lockie, at 11:19 pm  

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