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Saturday, February 11, 2006

finally i get in the water

having missed a surf on the west coast i was super keen for a dip in the water in brazil. With most of the beaches near rio kind of brown looking i had to wait until Isle Grande to finally catch a wave. We end up at Lopes Mendes which is variously referred to as the most beautiful beach in brazil, crystal clear blue water, fine squeaky white sand along a 1km crescent. Add the warm water that lets you surf in your boardies, the brazillian girls in bikinis and the access via a 2hr walk through tropica rainforest which means less than 10 people surfing.... was always going to be a winner. I pay the incredible $20 per hour for a mini mal (only one guy on the whole beach with only 4 boards to rent) and [try to] catch nice 3ft waves until the tide turns the whole beach into dumpers. Sure i felt a bit whiter than the tanned locals, sure i felt a bit more unco than the tanned locals but hell, i surfed in brazil!


PS: am now back on home turf, looking forward to vic waves again!!!


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