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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Media Mogul

Time for a new game, why not try
Media Mogul

Crikey reporter Sophie Black writes:

Ever wished you could be the Sun King for a day? Never had the chance to brag that your dad owns a TV station? Considered hitting on James Packer in a desperate effort to get a slice of the media pie? Well, now you too can "experience the adrenalin surge" of owning your own media empire by playing the new board game Media Mogul, reports The Independent.

The brainchild of former television scheduler Susannah Lees, Media Mogul was recently launched at London's famous media networking joint, the Groucho Club and makes Monopoly look like child's play. Lees has worked in the media for the Sci Fi channel, the BBC and Channel 4, and has used her contacts to persuade the likes of MTV, Hello!, GQ, Vogue, Marie Claire, Xfm and others to feature their logos and endorse the game.

Described as "media poker," Media Mogul gives players the chance to be just like Rupe – feel the power as you bid for the rights to TV and radio shows, take ownership of entire broadcasting companies and lord over newspaper and magazine empires.

The aim is to take control of one or more of the board's six zones, each encapsulating a particular sector of the media landscape with names like Culture Vulture, Star Spotter and Fashion Diva. The Indy makes no mention of the board game including a section on troublesome offspring, poison pills, pesky court cases, first wives, annoying Cross Media ownership laws, or in a nod to Lord Black, the provision of a Get Out of Jail Free card.


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