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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Now, junior, behave yourself

Another late one! So last Monday I meet my mate Katya for a desired tasty burger. We head over to Bad Boy Burgers in Richmond. This place has gotten a good rap on some other (inferior) burger sites and certainly makes some big claims on the website...

Bad Boy is different. It’s a club of enthusiasts, dedicated to producing THE perfect burger

On the day that i visit, this club consists of 3 disinterested looking kids getting minimum wage to run an empty burger shop, but hey, it is a monday night and who knows, maybe they are deep in thought pondering the intricacies of the burger?

I take the self titled Bad Boy Burger with bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, caramelised onion, tomato relish, Dijon mayo and an extra of egg, but with 16 others to choose from including 4 vegie options (zombie!) don't feel like you have to follow my lead.

Buns are a bit flakey and egg was a bad choice yet the Bad Boy scores a resounding Tasty nonetheless. Lots of good relish and the onion is super sweet in the mix. Highly recommended for anyone on the east side who's a bit tired of
phở gà.

Don't mind the pic of Mac D carnage below, safe to say the thrower did not find it tasty... respect!



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