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Monday, December 04, 2006

Dirty Surf

From the state of the blog you'd think we'd been sitting on our collective asses but in fact there's been all sorts of surf action. First was the dirty type a week ago with Zombie, Joeleee and myself heading down to Jan Juc following a big evening of Pigeon "Do the pigeon" John and Lyrics "Spirit fingers" Born. Greeting our smoke irritated eyes was a choppy beach with only one short break and a remarkably large number of groms milling all around it. Out we go and soon find that there is a sizeable swell rolling in but just a tad too many short boarders ready to run you over. If I had my way, kids would spend school holidays in the uranium mines keeping our economy growing dammit. "Pappa I think I got the glowing green lung…"

Zombie catches a bunch from way out the back but Joeleee and I don’t exactly own the break. So we pack up camp and head to Torquay to find…. nothing. There is a bloke on a ten footer and even he is struggling to catch anything. There is only the occasional set, which is less of a 'set' and more like a single wave called Tiny Tim that only visits every ten minutes. But the paddling is a laugh and this works out fine as we grab the water proof camera and take a bunch of pics of us riding 3 wide and a few action shots close to shore. We'll post them once we finish the film. Lunch is a tasty travesty, eating sushi from the previously unexplored Torquay village.




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