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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Froth it up mon

See the photo? See that smooth corduroy action? Well now imagine the opposite of that, with froth flying everywhere and waves breaking in all directions; that was the unfortunate reality we were met with on Sat morning when Dub, Joeleee and myself ventured down the west coast. Then to top it off it hailed on us, sideways. Arseburger! Taking shelter in the barbie enclosure, Dub was warming his hands on the free electric hotplates (thanks Torquay council!) when all of a sudden the clouds cleared out and the wind dropped right down. I can only guess that all the hand clenching got mistaken by Dave as prayer? Saint Dub anyone?

The early miserable conditions had done wonders for the crowds. Apart from a few unhappy looking euro backpackers learning the ropes we're the only guys out there for most of the arvo! You know what that means, plenty of waves and plenty of reform green near the shore. Joeleee and I learn the hard way not to get greedy on the shore break as the 5ft swell is prone to jack up quick and put you down hard on your head, but apart from that we are lords of Torquay. Again and again we take the protected reef route out then let the rip wash us back along the beach into the takeoff zone. Zombie would have laughed (cried?) if he saw the conditions but in the end it was us who had the last chuckle, the WW motto of "ride everything" saving a fun day. Back to the newly discovered Spooner's, now christened "Miserable ballad café", for some not so tasty background music but some fortunately tasty burgers.




  • hhhhaaaaaaarrrrggghhhhhh!! hahahahaahahahahh boo ha boo hoo ha booo hoooo!! hoooo! boo hoo!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:32 am  

  • how was the conference? kept you busy obviously?? heh

    By Anonymous Lockie, at 12:25 am  

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