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Friday, October 20, 2006

Book of revelations

First things first, there are *no* burgers in "Burger Rings", I checked the ingredients. On top of that they don't even taste anything vaguely like a burger, let alone a tasty one! There has been some fraudulent marketing from Smiths and we're here to bust this scandal wide open! Be warned people…

This is one of the first ever midweek updates but based on the results of yesterday's (Thursday) expedition there should be plenty more. Dub, myself and Mr X (so named to protect his identity due to the fact he *might* have snuck out of work a tiny bit early) read the charts and come to a realisation that sometimes limiting yourself to Sat/Sun surfs just aint enough. Everything is primed for great conditions but two days before weekend freedom. With a collective "screw that" we point ourselves west side and leave the cube dwellers behind.

First stop Ocean Grove, partly so we could check the surf there, but largely so we could drive past the best church ever, The Wave, which is obviously and undeniably the church of Dave our bogan wave god [pbuh]. Currently there are a bunch of tech savvy baptists (be sure to enter their site and check out their random forum topics and blogs) using the joint and praying to some guy called JC(?!?), but once we school em in the might of Dave they will no doubt see the error of their ways. Lucky he is such a friendly god, worst thing that could happen for their false idol worship might be a dumper (even then, only onto sand). Anyway, the church is awesome looking but Dave is punishing the blasphemous occupation by blowing out the actual surf conditions so we retire for sustenance and a rethink.

Onto to Torquay we find an almost empty carpark at low tide and consistent 3-4ft sets rolling in so out we go! Almost immediately we are catching waves left right and centre. So many breaks and so few people it is hard *not* to catch a great wave. In fact X and I both catch our respective best waves ever, long green rides from waaay out the back all the way in, walking forward to catch the reform for a second crack at it then cruising all over the face once more! Dub is killing it as well in perfect WWP conditions, it seems everytime one of us is up and having a look around, another is up on the wave in front. At some point in proceedings we all find ourselves on the shore exhausted and bemoaning the lack of bionic paddling arms… but only briefly until the empty waves call us back out for some more little rights from just off the reef point. Such a sublime day of surfing, big smiles all round and an exhausted happy burger crew. The sun is just starting to set as we roll back home and I could scarcely think of a better way to spend a Thursday. More soon I hope.



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