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Saturday, October 14, 2006

It's a nice day for a white water wedding...

Why the title? Partly because we have an early early surf today (8am departure, geez) so that Joeleee can get to an afternoon hitchin' (not his own) and partly because of the froth that we spend the morning taming at Jan Juc. Upon arrival Zombie and Dub seem unusually suicidal and head out at Winki point to mingle with the friendly locals on the sharp reef. Feeling more antisocial JC and I stroll back to the main beach break and discover that there's a whole bunch of fun to be had when the frequent sets roll in. The best spot on the beach is taken by some kind of surf comp but there's still about 25 peeps out either side trying to pick there way through the dumpers. We give that theory a miss and just catch *everything*, closing out or not. Either we ride victorious over the white water or occasionally grab a few seconds of green, lovely. Dub and Zombie come to their senses and join us for more of the same. If Dave sends white then you are going to have to ride it, and we do, all four of us to a wave at a point. A mad dash home for Joeleee just as the wind makes conditions shitey. Great Sat out.


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