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Sunday, September 03, 2006

doin'... cathedral rock

mm and zombie took a few days off down in Lorne. the forecast was great weather but no surf turning to bad weather but good surf. actually the pulse came in late so wednesday was the day of choice. cruising back up the ocean road on wednesday morning, cathedral rock was the choice: a nice little right hander off the reef still with enough power to make things interesting, and a few local bogans to give the sense that the break was worth arguing about.

thursday was doing the tourist thing but stopped to check out Johanna, since the rest of the coast was flat. this shot is from a little down the road but gives the general idea - lots and lots of rips, no-one out and the "jaws" music playing in my head. mal stayed bolted on sven that day.

friday, bass strait was a lake. went back up to fairhaven for a paddle, an act of pure desparation.

on saturday a rush of sms's from a pack of pikers telling me no go. on the way back stopped in at bells to find the pulse on the way in, actually pretty good. lots of the green stuff, just how mal and i like it.

as i blog its sunday and safely at home -- hope you all dragged yourselves out and not too hammered..


  • lots of green from me, but the jealous sort. looks delightful!

    i was in no shape for sat surfage due to friday night mashage which ended with me in Burger King where i sampled my first ever BK burger in my whole life! i ate about half and may have thrown the other half across the room to signal my disgust/mangled-stupor...

    By Anonymous Lockie, at 11:09 am  

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