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Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Ummm excuses excuses, why haven't we updated? Been really busy? [too ambiguous] abducted by aliens? [too mundane] convicted of donut theft during a recent visit to northern Nigeria and had my fingers chopped off under sharia law so I am typing this with my nose? [too political]

We *were* quite busy and we haven't surfed much so see below for things that did happen in the last month

Overland track:

The whole tasty posse plus 6 make an epic trek through the heart of Tasmania, in the process pioneering a new pass from east to west and uncovering valuable fur trading routes… Ok so it's been walked for the past 70 years and is "attempted" by approx 8,000 walkers each year, but that doesn't make the Overland Track any less spectacular. Add in the 6 days of clear sunny weather and great company and you have a once in a lifetime experience. See some pics here

Overland Track burger:

After 6 days of hiking and mostly eating scroggin you are collected by a little ferry for the zip across Lake St Clair to the finishing visitor centre. Imagine our delight when we discovered that they serve beer and burgers! No surprises that as the first real meal in 6 days we rate it an extraordinarily biased 'Tasty'!

Northside Grill'd:

Implementing step 2 in their plan to conqueur the world [it's a pretty slow plan], Grill'd have opened a franchise on Brunswick St. Serge and I stop in to check it out and enjoy a tasty burger. Of course the menu is the same as the St Kilda one, but it isn't as busy (northside folks don't do many burgers I suppose) and we get another pin in the map. One's opinion would understandably be a whole lot different if one had lived next to the place and had to breathe their stinky exhaust 24/7 (nods at Merla, see post above)

Friday Fun:

Somewhere in early April Zombie and I managed a cheeky early Friday morning surf. In typical Stubbs fashion, when I call him at 6am in the dark he is already most of the way to Torquay (!) but eventually I join him there for the last genuinely hot day of 2007 I can recall. Apparently no one in Torquay is gainfully employed, because there is no mass exodus at 8.30am on a weekeday, or maybe I'm deceived by all the retirees on 10ft mals who keep catching them from out the back. Bslim pickings for the first couple of hours but by mid morning the tide has filled in that special way that only Torquay knows how, and the secret second break is pumping from next to the reef. Lots of green and lots of pleasure taken in the knowledge that everyone else I know is at work!


  • Awesome photos of the Overland. I have never done it, but one day I will. You were so lucky with the weather!!!

    By Anonymous Katya, at 1:40 am  

  • Tell me about it! was lucky cause half of us had the wrong gear, eg pairs of jeans to hike in! heh

    By Blogger Lockie, at 7:20 pm  

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