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Thursday, February 01, 2007

It's all coming back... coming back to me know...

Indistinct foggy people catching hazy distant waves…. That's all that's left in my rapidly-getting-afflicted-with-Alzheimer's mind of the last two weekends surf. Got to get onto this blogging business sooner! Taking a stab I will hesitantly record that Joeleee, Dub, Dre, Joeleee's little sis and myself most likely went to Phillip island two weeks ago. We probably went to Smith's Beach to escape the wind and it was probably so chockers with groms that you couldn't even find a park. Luckily for us we would have known about Smith's backbeach, a place around the corner that the hoards were ignorant of and even more luckily it would have been going orf. I just bet that we all caught heaps of great green and Dre even managed to master that surfing fundamental "standing up".

Last Friday is not that far gone so I'll leave off on the vague, afflicted prose. Dre and I head down the west side to catch massive massive tubes, Zombie informs us that aforementioned gigantic tubes are rolling into Ocean Grove left right and centre where he is convalescing with Millhouse and Luca after the crazy Aussie Day traffic of Geelong. Rushing to the OG we find 2ft of swell and 3000 kids on bodyboards… hmm. But that doesn't stop us! Soon enough we're out the back and enjoying as many brief rides as we can paddle back out for or for those inclined, stand in the white water for. It turns out much better than we'd thought and with a sandwich stop in Barwon Heads on the way home (no tasty burgers on a public holiday!), an all in all fun day in the sun.


  • "gigantic tubes are rolling into Ocean Grove"... I don't recall, did I also use the phrase "once in a millenium event"?

    By Blogger surfnoosa, at 9:07 pm  

  • you said "remember that scene at the end of point break? the waves are *exactly* like that"

    By Blogger Lockie, at 4:05 pm  

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