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Monday, December 04, 2006

Scup (noun): a type of porgy

Not content with just west side surf, I cheekily double down with an east side surf trip as well. This time joined by Sergio, Dub and surfer chick Estee. For no apparent reason, nearly every caravan park in phillip island is booked out but we luckily find a spot just outside of Cowes at what turns out to be the boganest campground ever. Was it the hordes of blokes arriving in V8 utes? Or the 30yo chav with the backwards cap who kept circling the place on a too small bmx with a mean stare? Or maybe it was those guys who kept duelling on those damn banjos?… but it certainly felt odd. No matter, we head into Cowes proper to check out their massive (read: very very small) street market, eat some grub and get sergio jacked on wine and coffee (we should have kept a closer eye on the caffeine). I submit as evidence, photo A.

A fun game of 'dictionary' (or was it the half bottle of tequila?) leaves us ready to wake up and find…. Wind affected swell. Doh! So we drive round the far side of Smith's to find lots of size, not too much wind and a long rocky beach reminiscent of Darby. Out the back there is some huge dumpers. Pistol grabs some white, Sergio grabs hold of his board for some last minute turtles, I grab a mixture of green/head-first-mashage and Estee catches some feeble rays. Lots of fun and the perfect prelude to a tasty burger at Trace's Place. Grand!


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