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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Burger Edge St Kilda Rd

Some of you will be surprised to hear of me even walking into a burger edge after my brush with death a year ago. But its a desparate state of affairs in St Kilda Rd. Burger Edge opened yesterday and they have an opening special of $5 burgers.

Some of you may also recall my pledge to blog vege burgers from now on so you are probably wondering why I am about to blog the slab-of-dead-cow steak burger. I ordered the "pulse" burger and 15 minutes later picked up an "okker" burger: perhaps there was someone else in the queue called Matt. I walked 200 metres back to my office so buggered if I was going to go back, and anyway why don't they just tell you the freaking order number? Let's call it first week teething problems.

The best thing about the 15 minute wait was finding two disc players working in the office across the road, so lunchtime disc is "on" for summer.

The funniest thing about the wait was the huge poster with angry looking people saying "the taste is worth the wait". Which could be true if you are into surprises.

The steak to be honest was a bit gristly, turkish bun was nice, tomatoes ok, aioli ok, chips fantastic. I will score it a Not tasty (yet anyway): they may get things sorted out but have a way to go.




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