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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

what the hell happened to Sep?

seems like international jet setting (joel, lockie and matt) has squashed any form of actual burger or surf updates for a while... also the settlers scores are now woefully out of date. I've not even played a damn game of it in more than a month! plus i hear that expansions are floating in our midst?

so to keep things up to date I'll blog the WORST burger ever in the history of worst burgers that i had the displeasure of sampling in September, needless to say, not tasty dave. You are sitting the bar of a hotel in India, on the menu there is an item that says "chicken burger - a delicious lunchtime snack". Do you a) pick the burger to try it and maybe discover an exotic burger gem, or b) ask for a bowl of dal makhani... i hope for your sake you picked b). Otherwise you got served a shitty soft bun with only 2 pieces of cucumber and chicken pattie that is pink raw in the middle... that's it... that's all you get. You stupidly decide you need to eat it as your about to go drink copious amounts of dubious quality local beer. You have to ask for a bowl of tomato sauce to even make it palatable, yet you finish it. You then spend the entire next day expelling everything in your stomach from both ends, violently... the end.

Lockie (feel queasy remembering)


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