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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Scoring one for da Northside!

In stark contrast to the st kilda wank that awaits you on acland st, lockie sampled the burger fare at the bustling smokey confines of the Napier pub in Fitzroy, a local institution. In favour of the napier burger it comes with a large side order of skin-on wedges, a healthy smattering of salad and a tropical cocktail umbrella poked into the turkish bun... and in what could only be a sign from God [dave] it is aptly named the "Bogan Burger". Coming filled with all of nature's goodness including chicken, beef, bacon (3 animals... count em, 3!) pineapple, egg and more, this is indeed a certified Tasty Burger, quite possibly the tastiest this author has tastied.


  • Serge and Pete caused a Napier bogan burger to be delivered unto them upon a plate this evening.

    The result -

    * Salad (tick)
    * Wedges (tick)
    * Turkish Bun (tick)
    * Chicken Schnitzel (tick)
    * Steak (tick)
    * Bacon (tick)
    * Pineapple (tick)
    * Egg (tick)
    * Cocktail stick (tick)

    Lockie did not mention whether he managed to fight his way through this burger-forest, but we finally did it, and lordy it was a task and a half. Tasty though Tolarno still has it in Pete's opinion.

    The result was that it was difficult to fit through the exit on the way out. Warning - do not attempt this burger unless you are ravenous or some kind of burger version of Bob Hawke.

    By Anonymous Pete, at 10:06 pm  

  • hmmm better summary than the review!

    unless tolarno can offer me 3 animals in a bun it will be hard to sway me...

    will try one on the weekend

    btw never finished the napier burger... just as you might expect from a 'bogan' burger it feels like you've been kicked in the stomach. massive

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:15 pm  

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