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Monday, October 02, 2006

Apparently some people also kicked a funny shaped ball around...

If the melbourne cup is the 'race that stops a nation' then grand final day is the 'game that empties Torquay beach break'. Relying on the Vic obsession for any type of footy final, (even if there hasn't been a victorian team contesting one for years) we head down the sunny west coast to catch emptry waves. 'We' being *almost* the royal 'we' on this occasion as people are either watching The Game (Zombie), managed to catch rickets (Serhio and his painful bones) or just pooped out saving up for a big Sat night (Dubmeister). Thankfully Joeleee shakes off a massive hangover and makes the trip with me.

Our dedication is duly rewarded by Dave who lays on a splendid day of 3 footers rolling in on the incoming tide. After an initial struggle to find my place amongst the longboard riders I find a secret takeoff spot at the second break while Joeleee on the huge 'EOD' mal has no such troubles and can mingle in the pack. Between the two of us, obscene amount of green and also an amount of literal red face due to terrific weather. This is what summer is going to be allll about. We even find a burger joint in Torquay village, right next to the lamentable Soulfuel. I can't remember the name but the staff are super nice and the burgers are super tasty! Herbed patties, big swiss cheese and yummy sauce... how could we have missed it til now?

Spanking day


PS photos are not of us, just some gumbies in the wash after we'd finished :)


  • or perhaps its the "1 foot swell that stops the nation" Z

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:31 pm  

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