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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The gloves come off

No. Dub, serhio and I did not have a fight to the death with kippers. Title of this entry merely refers to the wetty gloves that had been the cause of such ruthless jibes as calling moi 'Glovey'... ouch. Vic weather is finally cooperating and the cold now feels like gentle kidney punch compared to the relative kick to the goolies of previous months. Don't throw those booties in the cupboard just yet, but real proper no-kidding spring surfing is just around the corner

The three of us head down to Torquay minus Zombie (who is almost certainly not finding surfage in China) and Joeleee (who has gone to NSW with that exact purpose in mind). Torqs is heaving with every grom and old fella from the greater west coast, leaving barely room to squeeze another 3 boards in, so we don't. Instead the rumbling beach break of Jan Juc beckons and we are soon testing our wave craft, trying to pick the nice left/right break from the majority wipe-out dumpers. We miss a couple and are subject to minor mashage, but occasionally there's gold and at least a few green faces are ridden. How invigorating, how much fun, how had I not been out for a paddle for a whole month? stupid stupid stupid...

The previous weeks F&C shop is again the only place open. Seems the weather knows it's spring but local purveyors of tasty burgers do not. Maybe we're going soft, maybe the grease was laid on exra thick or maybe it was the bevvies the night before but none of us can finish it... is it tasty this time round?... the jury is out. More excitingly we've got the next round of the 2006 Burger-off happening this weekend. There's been hype aplenty from this contender but can he put his burger where his mouth is? (well obviously he can or how would he ever eat burgers... but you know what i mean)

Updates/judgement after the weekend and some NSW stories of sunshine to make us jealous Joeleee?




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