Tasty Burger

Friday, September 15, 2006


Today's burger experience comes together almost too nicely (at least initially). I was really tired of the week and happy it was friday, then for lunch we go to a place called Thank God it's Friday! wow! how amazing is that?! ok not so amazing, but i figure if I can find a place called Fucking Hell it's Monday then i have got the week nicely bookended.

So anyway I order the World Famous Mushroom Onion Swiss [cheese] Burger which arrives in a big tower that requires a toothpick to hold its lid on. For you $14 you get tinned mushrooms, *raw* onion rings and a grey meat pattie. Some might blame the lunchtime conversation about vernix (one guy just had a kid), but i blame the offensive burger, definately not tasty! Thank God I'm not going there again........


PS someone else please go surfing this weekend while i'm away and write magical stories about endless clean face and before you knew it you'd surfed all the way to Sydney, i'll meet you at Bondi



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