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Monday, August 01, 2005


blogs... do they help you learn from your experiences? can they be a tool for change?

no! read "mashed" back in May. Inspite of this Pistol, Joelee, Lockie, Matt, MM and bub find themselves once again at Bell's carpark. Not much swell elsewhere so what the heck?

Beckoning us with tidy rights we paddled out with gusto (but not necessarily with anything in Pete's stomach). Then, once we were helpless, it threw up the usual pack of rogue giants out the back. Much mashage, Pete once again extols virtues of white water riding, Bell's catches him gloating and mashes him properly like a belligerent cat with a hungover mouse, I watch from the shore in case he dies (i wanted his nifty rasta board). Hark this well people... i don't want to have a re-re-mashed.

Anyway the burgers at Swell cafe were ok, but not tasty, too hippy and no beef option (what's up with that). Rocky road was another story, size of a brick and def tasty, best!



  • u gotta get out the back if ya don't wanna get mashed


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:41 pm  

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