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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


After a fresh stock of toe jam and spiffy new combs at our fav local supplier (Strapper, bro), the Dubster and JC sprinted up the Torquay Hill only to be whelmed by little to no swell and a bunch of foam boards. Knowing we were pressing our luck because of a mild forecast earlier in the day, the 2-man posse cruised over to Jan Juc in hopes there might be something to tame... Hello!! a Junior's tourney obviously knew something about the forecast we didn't as the beach break was pumping 2-4 footers with the odd rogue wave providing enough dumpage and excitement to make Dub say.... "Whoooaaaa Nelly!" Looks can be deceiving - with waves pounding in the first few breaks it looked to be a challenge to break out to the back. But a little Dub-led perseverance and avoiding the bigger sets drew the 2-dude crew out the back with little effort. What that left us was a heap of white water - cue www.DubGrin.com - and/or a few daring attempts at some serious green. JC opted for the mellowed out last-of-the-set small-to mid range and grabbed a decent one or two green like hills, albeit not without a two-fold share of semi-spectacular wipe-outs and missed-ops.

Owing to the vast dearth of tasty burgers in the greater Torquay area, we headed to the Jan Juc village only to be reminded (once again) that the cafe is usually closed and the pub doesn't open until after some other time when we're not there... back to the local Fush n Chups shop. Apparently, we're memorable as the local gezza - lets call him Phil - noted our last visit. Mini chips (not the band) and 2 burgers with the lot and pineapple later, the standard FnC shop burger is quite tasty, although we both struggled at the end owing to runny egg and flimsy buns.

Rating: Tasty



  • sounds lovely jubbley, wish i was there instead of a 6am flight to sydney....

    Joeleee, your new moniker reminds me of a Christian Television Association advert that used to run in Perth.

    [christian rapper]: tell me who's in the house?
    [dorky crowd yells]: JC!


    By Anonymous Lockie, at 2:57 pm  

  • looks like www.dubgrin.com is not taken. I would grab it now..


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:45 pm  

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