Tasty Burger

Sunday, January 01, 2006

that´s a tasty peruvian burger

don´t waste any time i say, first day in south america and already eaten burger numero uno. A cheeseburger with mushroom taken at a cafe on the cliffs looking over the beaches of Lima while drinking a Pilser beer. (incidentally I´d had the pleasure of tasting the pilser earlier in the day at the local supermarket where a tasty peruvian girl in a skin tight formula 1 style jumpsuit had been giving out free samples, brilliant! mental note for very popular supermarket to start up when i get home) burger itself was good but nothing special, but the setting sun, beer, hang-glider dude out front, 24deg temp, lazy wind and joy of impending adventure gives some bonus points surely?¿?¿ so all in all i rate it muy tasty!

more to come, from my vantage i could see peeps surfing or at least bobbing around waiting for waves, see if i can sort something out over coming days!



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