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Sunday, November 13, 2005

mashed but not in that way

i'd love to update on this weekends surf events and craaaazy burger action but i got really mashed on friday night at a buck's party so i slept through sat surf!.... pistol? sergio?

hopefully more sub-continent burger updates over next few weeks!



  • Ok. On the strength of the forecast, last Sat, arrived down at Smiths late at 11am, and it seemed flat with gusty onshore. Somewhat optimistically checked Cat Bay, but of course it was flat and very empty. But, trying a last attempt at Smiths on the way back, it had somehow managed to start piling in with 4'ers. Even though it was still onshore, there were some fun opportunities though a bit crowded out and quite messy. Worth it though - but it was hit and miss.

    Heretically, had fish&chips at San Remo. Also discovered that kids' climbing frame is very useful to stretch the shoulders out on if you've been paddling too hard.

    By Anonymous Pete, at 11:48 pm  

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