Tasty Burger

Sunday, August 28, 2005

fun while it lasted...

Here's some free advice, don't decide to leave to go surfing at 1.30 on a Saturday, and what's more, don't decide to go surfing at Phillip Island which a 2hr drive away and don't then hire a board for your friend from a place that shuts at 5pm... That said, our hour in the water was certainly enjoyable with regular sets into Smith's and enough spread of wave that everyone could have one. Pete did some 270deg spinning trick thing which was the best wave he'd had in a long time, his comment not mine!

Most exciting thing though was the warmth and still air, clear skies and toasty sun might not be great for my ski trip on the weekend, but it sure makes surfing more pleasant.

No tasty burger for me due to time constraints... next week eh?



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