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Friday, March 10, 2006

Burgers I have known

New concept for the blog, nostalgic burgers. In particular, your first ever tasty burger memory? Personally I have to cast my mind back to when I was 8 and playing hockey for the South Perth Wasps. Each year we'd have a weekend trip out to country Narrogin to play rural hockey teams. All I actually recall about the actual tournaments were the rough country players who'd hack at your shin pads and spit on the ground a lot, plus the dodgy grounds set up in the middle of the local racecourse with bumps and lumps that would bounce the ball towards your knees if you weren't careful. However, what I strongly remember, can almost taste in fact, are the tasty burgers. Each year there was a small caravan type trailer made from corrugated iron sheets from which would be served the tastiest burgers. I never had the entry level burger, always springing the $2.50 for the burger with the lot. Pineapple, greasy egg, lean patty, soft fatty bacon, rosella tom sauce. At the end of a hard game of being hacked and spat on in the heat…. Damn it was tasty. Maybe cause for a nostalgic road trip one year if I am back in Perth with a weekend spare.

So here's the request, what's your first tasty burger memory?



  • Sorry Lach, but I'm already going to break the tasty burger theme - reading your tale created too much beach icecream nostalgia for some reason.

    So my tasy burger memory has to be the twinpole my sister and I used to share after morning swims at Floreat beach with pa. I'm going to ignore the fact that the twinpole choice was most likely due to my dad's financial cunning and instead bask in the sweet joy that the yellow and red goodness used to bring into my life. Sand in the swimmers, sea water up the nose and half an icypole trying desperately to melt all over your arm. Perfect. :)

    By Blogger SassC, at 2:35 pm  

  • do they even make twinpoles anymore? maybe the red food colouring was outlawed?

    was the same here, frosty fruits for the kids, choc wedges for the adults.... bastards! :)

    By Anonymous Lockie, at 9:48 am  

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