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Monday, March 06, 2006

Forest Caves Beach - clean at last

The Zombie Master Stubbs had reported a flat west coast somewhere around dawn - or was it 9am? - Saturday. So it was Philip Island, as Serge and Dub didn't fancy swimming through raw sewage at Gunnamatta.

There was a competition on at Woolamai, breakers at 10 metres at Forest Caves, and a zoo at Smiths. Great opportunity for a burger interlude, 'nuff said.

I kinda knew it was always going to be Forest Caves (although this blogger has often been known to groan on hearing "let's see what it's like at forest's") but when we got over the dune at 1pm with the boards, the wind had died down and the waves were glassy. Even the huge rips winked in the sun, as if to say "Join Ussss....". Better still, there were less than ten people in the water. Once we'd got the hang of the rip just right of the steps, it was a great surf on glassy waves with a lot of power.

A few points about Forest Caves (comments welcome)
- Works really well in low wind at mid-high tide. Low tide break too near the shore.
- Watch out for a few submerged rocks around the steps area.
- No crowds!

Serge popped his surf cherry with 3 big big long rides. Nice one Serge!
Let us give thanks unto Dave: In nomine Padre, Spiritus sanctus etc. etc.


  • nice entry and big props surge!

    let's do it again this weekend eh? i'm good for Sat or Sun

    By Anonymous Lockster, at 3:49 pm  

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