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Monday, February 06, 2006

Golden Waves of Summer 06

...it has been so far. In the greater absence of most of the tribe, Pete and Joel have been tooling their way around the Anglesea region, drawn by the potential  mild mannered 2-4 footers for which we adore so. Without being too ambitious, we've found great satisfaction in grabbing the top of one of these waves and riding it all the way to 6 inch water, hoping off, pulling a phat surfy dude pose and spoutin "Thats how ya surf bro." And then doing it again, and again. Urquhart beach was the beginning of this run. the extended reef to the right helps whip the swell around - its good to hang toward this point and ride the lefties in.  Much better at mid-high tide. However, this past weekend brought a new spot and it was hot! After abandoning the beloved Urquas for lack of swell, we sped down the beach to Point Knightsbridge main beach where the short boarders were in heaven. The first short board addition to the TastyBurger crew, Steve, was introduced to Dave in a kind (and ruthless) manner and cut up some very fine waves. But us big board fellas worked out very quickly that the  needed to find a bit of a hole in the beach for the waves to carry a bit longer - and low and behold, just west of the yellow marker tent, thar she was! Several party rides in and four dead arms later, the P & J had to call it quits and make promises to swim more during the week. Long live the golden waves of summer 06 - hurry up and get back Lockie!


  • borak says "let me see your private places where you get wet"

    looking forward to some new breaks now i'm back

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:07 pm  

  • go borak!

    and this week borat will tell this joke to the Oklahoma city council (10:15PM Fri ABC Tv):

    There is a man who see a small house. He say to the man who own this so small house, “Is this a house for a dog?” “No”, say the other man, “It is not house for a dog.” “So who live here?” “A man”, he say. “A man? This is too small for a man!” He say, “Is this for a man from Kazakhstan?” “No”, the other man answer, “Is not for a man from a Kazakhstan.” “Is this a man from Totemenistan?” He say a, “No, is not for a man from Totemenistan.” “Is this a man from Uzbekistan?”, he asked. He answer, “YES!”



    By Blogger surfnoosa, at 10:50 pm  

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