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Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Great Burger Cook-off - Round 2

This entry is completely out of order but worth posting at this late date lest Joeleee's burger be forgotten. So for those that have been following the saga, we were up to round 2 of the burger cook-off with round one having been more than sufficiently dealt with Messrs C and K and Ms B. Well researched and exactlingly crafted round one scored a unanimous 'tasty'. Joeleee, on the other hand, was stepping up to the plate with a whole lot of talk and a very relaxed attitude to preparation. What's more he'd taken on the ambitious task of having most everyone he knew come over for the barbie... Could this brash young man live up to his own hype? time and tastebuds would (actually 'did') tell.

A simple but healthy red coloured pattie, some seemingly decorative lettuce, quality cheese, unorthodox pineapple and a pellet powered barbie? What was the man thinking? The Basic Burger textbook had gone out the window and i feared we could be playing russian roulette with our mouths (dun dun duhhhhh [ominously]). With a calm demeanour Joeleee cooked the whole lot up, seared the pineapple, laid it all on some crispy white buns and then pulled out the secret CMD (Condiment of massive deliciousness). A home made 'mystery' sauce that gave the whole lot a special zing... in fact one might even say... a tasty zing! yes that's right, again a unanimous tasty verdict! just look at us munch those suckers. Good work JC and cheers to another successful round of burger cooking. The pic above is a large pair of shoes.... the ones that Zombie and MM are going to have to fill come Nov 4th and round 3 hehe ;)


PS sorry pistol, was too busy munching missed a shot of you mid burger.

PPS full sets of heathcote and joeleee's barbie here



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