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Thursday, October 26, 2006

i wonder what happened to betty's burgers

OK I can take a hint, you wanted to know about burgers in noosa. Well I have started my investigations and sorry to say so far a bit sad. As it happens there was an iconic place here called Betty's Burgers, as described by elder Stubbsie in 2002:

Neither a restaurant or a cafe, Betty’s Burgers are a local icon. Betty has been “serving Noosa since 1978” with burgers that are cheap as chips. Betty was in Hastings Street until she fell victim to progress and was banished to the Noosa Woods (near the first rock wall.)

Sorry to say that there is no sign of Betty these days, the last reference I saw was in this article from the ABC, explaining in 2002 that she had a one year licence to sell burgers out of a van. The closest thing to a van now is Bill's coffee beach 4wd thingie but not a burger to be seen.

Don't get me started on burger edge which has moved in to the soulless apartment block that was build where Betty once served her $1 burgers. You know where I stand on that franchise.

I have a couple of contemporary leads that I am following up so don't despair yet.



  • Mmm Betty... that's a tasty burger

    By Anonymous Frank Spencer, at 4:37 pm  

  • ahhhahahahahaha

    By Anonymous Lockie, at 6:08 pm  

  • Talking of Elder Stubbs, this is the place near where I first started playing Ulty


    By Anonymous Dub, at 6:39 pm  

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