Tasty Burger

Sunday, June 04, 2006

A new member of the congregation

Fuelled up (or weighed down?) with massive burger, J, P and I head down the east coast today. Joeleee pops the cherry of his spanking new mal, replete with eye-of-dave talisman (photos next week when we remember the camera). Bit quiet on the swell side of things, very infrequent 3 footers rolling up against Phillip Island and we find ourselves at Smiffy which is the only place with a break given the crazy lack of water (note to selves, actually check a tide chart next time). Bit chilly in and we all get numb feet but it doesn't stop us catching our share of the scant pickings plus we meet a man who can paddle even faster than Zombie. Nude food for lunch but an out of the ordinary poor showing from the nude team, prob cause we didn't have our treasure with us! On the way home a quick stop at Outback Jack donuts. [Outback Jack, you no doubt have broadband wireless in your mobile donut truck and often search the world wide web for feedback on your (generally) fine donut products, we'd urge you to consider a move to a higher quality jam in the centre, just a thought]


PS: what's one of the few things better than cooking yourself (and others) a tasty burger? eating your tasty burger leftovers like we just did, nice


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