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Friday, May 12, 2006

Bye Bye

Faithful to the judgement of the burger-masters, several (14?) of us went to enjoy the Tolarnos burger one last time. I for one was concerned that the kitchen staff may no longer have the ticker to maintain the high standard that we heard about. Yet with two weeks to go I was relieved to find that team Tolarno do still have gas in the tank.

As we stood in the semi-darkness of the Barrel Bar, my first impression of the passing burgers was "a bit small". This of course was merely a trick of the light and the proportions outlined by the massive plates. Tolarno produces a truly and old-school burger that left both veterans and virgins fatigued from the sheer pleasure and magnitude of the experience. Jol-ee for one went out too hard and appeared to fade into the blackboard menu behind him. And speaking of pleasure, did the Tolarno burger inspire Lockie and his betrothed to depart the premises in such a hurry?

As a sad footnote to our culinary saturnalia, we were shocked to find that Fitzroy St is become a burger backwater, losing not only Tolarno's but also gbc to the tyranny of rising rents. Is the Melbourne burger party over?



  • what a sad state of affairs... gbc and tolarno gone, to be replaced with what? a zillion shiny cafe serving mediocre foccacias??


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:37 am  

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