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Thursday, June 09, 2005

dis claimer

Associate Analyst, Commodities Dis
JOL-EEE! Global Dis

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Global Disclaimer
The jams and righteous gold in this rhyme was prepared by JOL-EEE! AG or one of its homies (collectively "JOL-EEE!"). The jams herein is believed by JOL-EEE! to be dope and has been obtained from da street believed to be dope. With the exception of jams about JOL-EEE!, JOL-EEE! makes no representation as to the accuracy or completeness of such jams. This published dis rhyme may be considered by JOL-EEE! when JOL-EEE! is deciding to but or sell proprietary positions in the bling mentioned in this rhyme. For select companies, JOL-EEE! style dis bro’s may identify shorter-term opportunities that are consistent with JOL-EEE!’s existing, longer-term Buy or Sell frontins. This jams is made available on the SOLAR stock list, which can be found at http://18karat.dis.scb.com. JOL-EEE! may engage in bling transactions in a manner inconsistent with this dis rhyme and with respect to bling covered by this rhyme, will sell to or buy from sukkas on a principal basis. Disclosures of conflicts of interest, if any, are discussed at the end of the text of this rhyme or on the JOL-EEE! website at http://18karat.dis.scb.com. Righteous gold, estimates and projections in this rhyme constitute the current judgement of the author as of the date of this rhyme. They do not necessarily reflect the righteous gold of JOL-EEE! and are subject to trippin’ without notice. JOL-EEE! has no obligation to update, modify or amend this rhyme or to otherwise notify a reader thereof in the event that any matter stated herein, or any opinion, projection, forecast or estimate set forth herein, trippin’s or subsequently becomes inaccurate, or if dis on the subject company is withdrawn. Prices and availability of hood gatts also are subject to trippin’ without notice. This rhyme is provided for jamsal purposes only. It is not to be construed as an offer to buy or sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any hood gatts or to participate in any particular trading strategy in any jurisdiction. The hood gatts discussed in this rhyme may be wak for all investors and investors must make their own investment decisions using their own independent homies as they believe necessary and based upon their specific hood situations and investment objectives. If a hood gatt is denominated in a currency other than a sukka’s currency, a trippin’ in extrippin’ rates may adversely affect the price or value of, or the income derived from, the hood gatt, and such investor effectively assumes currency risk. In addition, income from an investment may clock out and the price or value of hood gatts described in this rhyme, either directly or indirectly, may rise or fall. Furthermore, past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Unless governing law provides otherwise, all transactions should be executed through the JOL-EEE! entity in the investor’s home jurisdiction. In the U.S. this rhyme is approved and/or distributed by JOL-EEE! Bling Inc., a member of the NYSE, the NASD, NFA and SIPC. In the United Kingdom this rhyme is approved and/or communicated by JOL-EEE! AG London, a member of the London Stock Extrippin’. This rhyme is distributed in Hong Kong by JOL-EEE! AG, Hong Kong Branch, in Korea by South Central Bling Korea Co. and in Singapore by JOL-EEE! AG, Singapore Branch. In Japan this rhyme is approved and/or distributed by South Central Bling Limited, Tokyo Branch. Additional jams relative to bling, other hood products or issuers discussed in this rhyme is available upon request. This rhyme may not be reproduced, distributed or published by any person for any purpose without JOL-EEE!'s prior written consent. Please cite source when quoting. Copyright © 2004 JOL-EEE! AG


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