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Monday, June 19, 2006

Pavement Pizza

I perform a triple-twist with full pike on Sat morning due to feeling pukey but Joeleee and Dub soldier on. PS missing any day surfing is a sad thing

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should of seen me... dub was forced to pull over so i could have a McChuck Chodle - not pretty. surf was weird at smiths, at first we thought it was small, but as soon as we got out, big monsters rolled in, both of us got munched at separate times. big spaces between sets, so you would have froze you're nards off, despite being armed with the power of glove.... more of a day for short boards, but if worked hard enough to paddle into one, could take it all the way to the beach. but worst of all, Tracy's was closed so had to resort to shite take away burger which was most def not tasty, ie you didn't miss too much, except a day surfing :>


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