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Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Birthday to us

Wow! Two whole years of blogging and a hundred odd surf trips between us.... and we still got mashed last Saturday, heh. Joeleee, Zombie, Dre and I head down to 13th beach and from our first vantage point about 2km's west of Barwon the day was looking disappointingly small. Only a couple of blokes out and just bobbing around optimistically, but drive up the far end of the beach and it's a different story. There are massive freight trains rolling in, just ready to smush you on the rocks but in the gaps between them there are very ridable left and right handers along the length of the beach. Zombie heads confidently out the back but after catching a couple of massive closeouts he joins the rest of us in the white wash near the shore. Quite a lot of fun in the end apart from the brief moment when we drifted onto the rocks where my board was eaten by a sucking black hole in the shore before being spat 6" into the air... lucky! Well worth the drive and cured Joeleee of the hangover, plus rinsed us clean like a giant washer. A trip down memory lane for dinner with a visit to Ripper Roast and a remarkably tasty dinner, surprised us all that we don't get there more often. more this weekend as Joeleee has only 2 weekends left! got to find a wave *somewhere*


  • oh i was meant to make a note that 13th beach is better on a medium to high incoming tide...

    also works better if you are Kelly Slater...

    By Blogger Lockie, at 11:38 pm  

  • I think you should include more pictures of Keanu Reeves in wetsuits.

    Just to illustrate the greatness of adding his laconic phrasing to the majesty of catching the perfect wave.

    Can you tell I haven't talked to anyone all day?

    By Blogger Gargantuana, at 2:09 pm  

  • Our whole blog is just a front for http://keanuweb.com/

    By Blogger Lockie, at 11:46 am  

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