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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

but were they tasty?

Matt Preston from the Epicure section of the Age has done some indepth research into the burgers of melbourne. However, inspite of his lengthy discourse on the topic he never grapples with the all important question, "Is it a tasty burger?", skirting round the issue by deciding which burger is "best". I'm sure the Tasty Team will have a chance to re-review some of these places in the coming month and bring you the hard-hitting results.

Lockie from Chennai

PS will endeavour to give you some Indian burger updates while i'm here


  • I think the author of that article probably lifted their material off this blog. They could have cited us ferchrissake...

    It is almost certain that they got a few tasty burgers for giving some of them a plug. I guess that's just marketing.

    It was encouraging to see some of the out-of-town places getting a mention.

    By Anonymous Pete, at 8:46 pm  

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