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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Clean as a whistle

Pistol makes a halfhearted attempt to derail the early morning surf train by sleeping in, but the train will not be denied! Joeleee, Serhio, Dub and myself pile into the swedish beasty and head down to Phillip Island with only 1ft bumps reported on the west coast. Rolling up to Forest Caves we find a novel sight, a full car park! There has to be 15 times more cars than we've ever seen before and we suit up based on this optimism. The masses are right, Forest is clean clean clean with the banks and easing tide cooperating to give long right and left-hand breaks all over the shop. Joeleee still has a bung knee (see previous post) so swims out in the back to act as wave-spotter/encourager-of-suicidal-takeoffs which is actually a grand help. We manage a good couple of hours until the low tide mucks it up and our arms fall off from the big rip we've been in all morning. Lots of waves, no major mashage and high 30's in the sun, nice! Nude food for lunch so burgerless alas.



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