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Monday, May 21, 2007

More the merrier

Saturday saw a massive, 9 strong surf trip (if you count Luca, and we do) down the west coast. Continuing the inverse relationship between ocean temp and surf posse members that I have been observing... Odd. Anyway, Torquay has some lovely size rolling in and both the breaks are working so in we jump for a frantic 30min of green and paddling. Alas the tides have caught us out again as the beach slowly fills. Even the 4-5ft of swell can't manage to heave itself into a wave except at a distance of 3cm from the shore. Dave[god] dammit! We all give it a try anyway as the occasional freak sets are still rideable, and quite revealing. It seems that Joeleee has been cagey about his mad surfing skillz all these months. He is actually a big wave master (!) and nails a couple of mighty stonkers much to the delight of us watching from the beach.

For lunch we head to Spooner's and devour a hearty round of tasty burgers courtesy of the angry bald guy (the treasonous caesar salad eater shall remain secret for fear of burger hate crime). Then Luca shows us all his party trick by cooking an assburger in his pants, and at that point we decide it would be a good idea to head home. Another great Saturday out (3rd straight and counting) and promises of another one this weekend to bid farewell from Dave to the Crane.


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