Tasty Burger

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Mash it up!

Some beers, some dub, some potatoes and a masher...

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Joeleeee is in Fiji not surfing and Sergio is on the west coast but would prob prefer to be in Fiji… that leaves Zombie, Dub and I to carry the tasty torch down the west coast, but in style. Screw those povy tents, when I'm chillin wit my homeys I want a tennis court, so we hole up at the Lorne Resort for an evening, replete with indoor-heated pool and private spa. On the way there we stop for an afternoon wave at roadknight but on the beach side, the only place we can find where the swell is not getting blown out. The big size and crazy churn near the beach mean that paddling is useless, the only way out is to run 50m out the exposed reef, wait for a gap in the waves, leap into the ocean and paddle like hell away from the rocks. Works well for the first half a dozen times, we catch a few, get mashed by a few but have some fun, but of course once a grommet appears on the reef and tells me to leap off first so he can watch how it's done, the pressure is too much, I miss-step and smack onto the rocks, snap off a fin, get crushed under water by my board and generally make a fool of myself. The kid looked pretty stressed watching but luckily not much more was hurt than my pride. Minimal sympathy from Dub and Zombie but at least the surf shop has a replacement fin.

That evening turns into an odd but extrememly amusing mix of booze, tennis, [whistle], cooking, dub and disc that does not translate well but I think there's some vid around to post later that will speak volumes. Needless to say, a group of inebriated unco's playing tennis at night has comedic potential. Too mangled to wake early (a point that Stubbs will never let us live down) we cruise back up the coast the next morning, trying to find a good combo of swell and wind protection which turns out to be Boobs near Torquay… another reef break with pounding swell onto submerged rocks? Bring it on! At least that is the thought for the paddle out, but unsurpisingly it turns out to be quite hairy out there for relative newbs like Dub and I who eventually retire to the carpak to enjoy the freakish late-May sunshine with some disc. Zombie on the other hand catches a bundle and returns exhausted, screaming for burgers. Anzac day leaves only Bird Rock Café open and at $10 a burger we're optimisitic they should be ok. Sure enough, Bird Rock delivers, that's 3 tasty burgers! Unorthodox turkish buns, fat-ass patties and heaps of salad, an easy unanimous verdict.

Next Step: Rinse, add rest of burger crew, repeat!


Thursday, April 20, 2006

OMG we're famous

The blogosphere is doubling in size every 6 months according to Technorati, a website that tracks over 35 million blogs…. including us!…. Obviously where all our new readers are coming from (hi Sam!)


PS some actual updates after this long weekend

Monday, April 03, 2006

Is it a bird, is it a plane…. No it's Surf Board Bag Man!

Surprisingly we're up early on Sunday morn for a west coast surf, but no surprise that we had little to do with it… the highly technical and complicated concept of daylight saving catches us out. I think Robertson Davies spoke for us all in 1947 when he wrote "At the back of the Daylight Saving scheme I detect the bony, blue-fingered hand of Puritanism, eager to push people into bed earlier, and get them up earlier, to make them healthy, wealthy and wise in spite of themselves". How dare those blue-fingered puritans!

The burger posse minus Zombie (enroute to sing-sing, or something like that) meet in Torquay where Dub gets his repaired board back and reveals his alter identity as SBBM, defender of abused surfboards everywhere. Turns out that along with the swell there is a terrible onshore so we end up at Urquharts trying to hide from the wind. It's super low tide so the reef gives some welcome protection to get out the back as the huge rip makes any frontal attempt at the break near impossible. Conditions aren't great but we all manage to catch a few before getting lunch at the Airey's Inlet pub. The don't serve burgers (wtf?) but the steak sandwich is similarish in concept and pretty damn tasty!

Bring on the winter swell and more west coast trips!