Tasty Burger

Sunday, August 28, 2005

fun while it lasted...

Here's some free advice, don't decide to leave to go surfing at 1.30 on a Saturday, and what's more, don't decide to go surfing at Phillip Island which a 2hr drive away and don't then hire a board for your friend from a place that shuts at 5pm... That said, our hour in the water was certainly enjoyable with regular sets into Smith's and enough spread of wave that everyone could have one. Pete did some 270deg spinning trick thing which was the best wave he'd had in a long time, his comment not mine!

Most exciting thing though was the warmth and still air, clear skies and toasty sun might not be great for my ski trip on the weekend, but it sure makes surfing more pleasant.

No tasty burger for me due to time constraints... next week eh?


Tuesday, August 16, 2005

pork buns

This has nothing to do with burgers. Speed eating, the world's most disgusting sport.

Japanese speed-eater scoffs 100 pork buns to seize second title

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

2 tons o' beef... mmmm... beef

novelty link to largest burger!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

toot <-- me blowing own horn

wow, i like Cities and Knights now. My 15 points at close of play vs pete on 4 and joeleee on 5. Long live lucky dice


Tuesday, August 02, 2005

where does it go?

Can you beleive that the world champ for eating burgers is this woman? She holds the record for 3/4 pound "Thickburgers" having eaten 7 in 10min.

She is Sonya "The Black Widow" Thomas and despite her size is the number two eater in the world (male or female). The champ is an equally slim Japanese fellow called Takeru "The Tsunami" Kobayashi, but after that they are mainly fat americans. Check out the Internation Federation of Competitive Eating (IFOCE) webpage for more feats of gluttony.


diamond in the rough

I must admit that I was sceptical having been given only vague directions by a friend, "You want a tasty burger? then head down to the new fish and chips store on Barry Rd, it's the clean looking one".

Notorious Barry Rd in Broadmeadows, with it's strip of grimy take away joints of varying but generally dubious quality. Once with friends we'd figured out that everone we knew had got food poisoning at least once from Barry and with the main plant just across the road that row of shops was prob costing Ford more than half a mil in sick days each year...

But a potential tasty burger encounter is not to be shunned for fear of E.Coli and this intrepid reporter decided to head there for lunch. Finding the place wasn't hard in the end, certainly cleanliness was enough to distinguish it from its neighbours (even if the name, Barry Rd Fish & Chips, was not). I ordered burger with the lot and on impulse dug out an extra 50c to turn it into a Pineapple Deluxe which turned out to be the best 50c I've ever spent. I was immediately pleased to see the patty freshly formed from waiting mince mix and a big squirt of traditional tom sauce on the bun (none of that pansy pesto or aioli here thankyou very much). The final burger when it arrived was steaming hot and full of flavour... verdict? definately a tasty burger! not only that, but for an extra extra 50c they'll give you enough chips to induce a coronary, joy!

Barry Rd Fish and Chips, I salute you!


Monday, August 01, 2005


blogs... do they help you learn from your experiences? can they be a tool for change?

no! read "mashed" back in May. Inspite of this Pistol, Joelee, Lockie, Matt, MM and bub find themselves once again at Bell's carpark. Not much swell elsewhere so what the heck?

Beckoning us with tidy rights we paddled out with gusto (but not necessarily with anything in Pete's stomach). Then, once we were helpless, it threw up the usual pack of rogue giants out the back. Much mashage, Pete once again extols virtues of white water riding, Bell's catches him gloating and mashes him properly like a belligerent cat with a hungover mouse, I watch from the shore in case he dies (i wanted his nifty rasta board). Hark this well people... i don't want to have a re-re-mashed.

Anyway the burgers at Swell cafe were ok, but not tasty, too hippy and no beef option (what's up with that). Rocky road was another story, size of a brick and def tasty, best!


something old something new

Joeleee nerded it up and bought the Settler's expansion pack Cities and Knights of Catan. Pete seems to have a knack of it except for the one victory that Joeleee squeaked out on friday. So far it just made me mad but only cause i lost. We'll mix it in with standard settler's scores.