Tasty Burger

Thursday, August 31, 2006

And anyway, what's wrong with Barry Manilow?

I'm sure that Joeleee and Pistol have already had their grubby little mitts all over an Andrew's Hamburgers hamburger (reread it, it makes sense…) and may have even blogged it, but once again I am a tardy sheep and only just got there last Tuesday. Remarkably old skool in such a 'trendy' area, the shop in Albert Park has been cranking out burgers to the same Pappas family recipe since 1957. A still bustling dining establishment not changing it's menu in almost fifty years takes something pretty special, and in this instance it's the tasty tasty burgers. I opt for 'the lot' with toasted bun, egg, bacon, tomato slice and cheese yet manage to inhale the whole thing before I even get back to the Montague, good stuff Andrew's.

So I guess I owe some kind of apology for hassling wanky southside burgeries, as this place is not pretentious at all. And speaking of modest yet tasty burgers, Joeleee has been teasing us with news of Tolarno reprise again, yet this time it is apparently locked in! Will be Fitzroy St again with timing unknown….but you can be sure that Thatsatastyburger will keep a close Tolarno watch.

Here's some pics of the boys at Andrew's hard at work (where I nicked the one above)

More updates after Saturday's surf


PS post #100...

Monday, August 21, 2006

Witness the Fitness

It's been a long time in the making, and no I'm not talking about Luca, I'm talking about getting the whole surf posse down to Torquay! Waking up variously on Dub's floor or in Joeleee's kitchen after a sleepy friday night we cruise in style down the westside. Swellnet has got it right and there is heaps of size, maybe even a tad too much prompting even Zombie to use the power of white from way out the back. Mendes refines his thang in the shore break before taking a nap (see pic) while Joeleee catches more than anyone from his secret spot by the reef. Lockie and Dub discover the joys of clean green face by catching their best waves ever, boy were they fast! Dub's grin and ensuring hunt for more of the same may require us to give him a new name... let's wait a week or two though. At stumps Luca is the only one not to get wet as Millhouse takes a daring dip in only a springy but soon realises the folly of her ways, it is still damn cold in them thar seas.

Somehow for lunch we drift back to John Butler-ville aka Soulfuel cafe for a huge serving of trans-fatty chips and some very much less than tasty dahl, poopy. [In a Californian governer accent] "We won't be back..." What an unfortunate dearth of decent burger joints there is around Torquay! Not to matter, what a great day out and there was even talk of reviving the Tasty Burger Test Series at Mr and Mrs Zombie's house, any time you want guys!


Sunday, August 13, 2006

woolamai mashing but whitewater wins out!

northside crew and southside crew went separately, attempting to meet up in tooradin. lockie said something about being late because he was already halfway to franger -- didn't quite understand that. yours zombie didn't surf but brought the grommit for a laugh.

what i observed from the beach was a LOT of mashing. serge didn't quite make it out at all. lockie pulled stumps early in the piece. MVB (most valued burger) for the day was whitewater, who lived up to his name by getting ride after ride. ashamed to say i did not capture any of the distinctive standing up in the wash action but take my word that it was impressive.

here are some shots from the day in no particular order

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Medical breakthroughs

Apparently last Friday night I rang the surf posse at some inconvenient hour and arranged to go surfing on Sat morning. I say apparently, because the first I knew of it was waking up with the world's worst hangover to take a call to tell me this, also I'd lost my jacket, doh. So from first-hand experience I can tell you that a 6'3 tall person can adequately curl into the foetal position in the front seat of a Saab and that, although the Soulfuel burgers are bollocks, their coffee is a life saver. Travel or mucous has knocked out the rest of the crew so it is just Zombie and myself who turn up at Torquay to find deceptively good conditions and a jostling mosh of longboarders off the reef tip. This suits the Stubbs fine as he rides em from out back while I content myself with either dropping in all over him or picking up the many pieces on the second break. Lovely jubbly! Certainly the rejuvinating powers of a good surf cannot be doubted as new life flows within me and Zombie notes a certain parallel with the intro to the film Big Wednesday. If anyone ever develops an alternative surfology medical treatment I've got dibs here first. Anyhow, we partake of the blasphemous "dirty bird" for lunch and are home in time for nanna naps, nice day out.


"I don't wanna be a star. Have my picture in magazines, have a bunch of kids looking up to me. I'm a drunk, Bear, a screw up. I just surf cause its good to go out and ride with your friends"
-- Big Wednesday

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Fit for a [roman] king

It wouldn't be fair to Dave to blog about body surfing 2ft dribbles at Samae beach off Pattaya but seems that no other surfing has eventuated in the last 2 weekends! However I did have a tasty burger in Cooma on the weekend while driving to Perisher to enjoy extraordinarily tasty skiing conditions. Not sure the name of the pub but it's the largest in town about halfway along the main street and had the extra bonus of showing australia get squashed by the all blacks (doh). I took the gimmicky sounding Chicken Caesar but the combo of toasted bun, fresh lettuce, bacon bits, crumbed chicken and caesar sauce was a tasty winner on the night, even if the wallabies weren't...