Tasty Burger

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

And on the third day he did rise from death

I'm trying to pretend that last game of the world cup didn't happen because it makes me a bit sick everytime i think about it, so just the weekend update:

No surf due to the nasty conditions and no chance for a burger either. But how impressed were Sergio, Dub, Joeleee and I when, at the Sacred Heart Community Cup, there was a minutes silence for Tolarno! To be part of 20,000 hushed people in rememberance of such a fine institution (along with other absent friends like Grant McLennan of The Go-Betweens) was something special... but... wait for it!... there are rumours of a Tolarno reprise! Yes, you heard right, according to Joeleee's bud Luke who knows the old barman, they are currently looking at sites for a new burger joint. Wow! already counting the indeterminate number of sleeps....


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Friday, June 23, 2006

Where's the salad?

One of the things that happens at work is they make 3D models of different objects to check that they would fit in the vehicle storage areas, so now i have 3D data of a (not-tasty looking) burger!? hmmmm


Socceroos through to next round!

even better than a tasty burger


Thursday, June 22, 2006

No caption required...

Monday, June 19, 2006

Pavement Pizza

I perform a triple-twist with full pike on Sat morning due to feeling pukey but Joeleee and Dub soldier on. PS missing any day surfing is a sad thing

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should of seen me... dub was forced to pull over so i could have a McChuck Chodle - not pretty. surf was weird at smiths, at first we thought it was small, but as soon as we got out, big monsters rolled in, both of us got munched at separate times. big spaces between sets, so you would have froze you're nards off, despite being armed with the power of glove.... more of a day for short boards, but if worked hard enough to paddle into one, could take it all the way to the beach. but worst of all, Tracy's was closed so had to resort to shite take away burger which was most def not tasty, ie you didn't miss too much, except a day surfing :>

Monday, June 12, 2006

Blessed be thy Dave

Wow, just wow. Joeleee, Dub, Zippy and Lockie (i reject "Glovey" ;) stuff themselves in the scoob and head west coast minus Zombie who must have had a late night singing along to 'Message to my Girl'. Jan Juc is facing a mass exodus as we arrive but with memories of Saturday's fine performance we head down the cliffs and into a wall of white fury. It is just cray-zee trying to get out with so much water in each wave and so many huge sets. I have thankfully never been hit by a mack-truck or buffalo stampede but i reckon this goes close. After 15min of flailing and near drowning none of us has made it out the back and we admit defeat and ponder a move to Torquay surf beach. Good thing we make that move as Torquay is just magic, the rocks on the right give a nice paddle out and every few minutes there is a massive set that will let you ride all the way to the beach which we do again and again and again. The clean windless waves, the long rides, the setting sun that makes the spray off your board glow golden, the pleasant ache in your arms, the only people dropping in are your mates, the beautiful view at the takeoff spot.... best surf i've had in a long time, maybe ever. And if that isn't enough for one day we kiss nasty westside burgers goodnight and pile up plates at Ripper Roast in Geelong. Short on fuss/pretention, but big on tasty tasty roast dinners. Fingers and toes crossed for more next weekend.


PS Carn the socceroos tonight!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

you win some you lose some

No one hates a post that ends in a whinge more than I do, so I'll get all the whinging done at the start! Soulfuel is a cafe in Torquay with an ambitious name and not much else it seems. I take a standard burger for $10 and get a Coles generic brand bun filled with plastic cheese, iceberg lettuce and that's about it at first glance. When i pick it up it feels so light that i assume that they've forgotten the patty but no they've got one in there between two slices of shitty cheese except it is about the size of a fifty cent piece! it is just ridiculously small and can barely be tasted, let alone be tasty. I'd previously complained about telstra dome burgers, but at least they were only $4 and I could watch the rugger, this Soulfuel effort was just a ripoff shitburger (though apparently their thai chicken "burger" was ok...)

[whinge concluded]

Sat finds Joeleee, his mate Aaron and myself cruising down the westsyeeed to Jan Juc where we find bliss conditions, comfortable sets onto a nice beach break, not a cloud in the sky and no wind to speak of. Joeleee manages to catch a bunch of clean face on his new board, must be the sexy brand-spankin fluoro red fin, and Aaron almost manages to catch a cold in a 3-2 wetty with the zip open. Splendid morning until a southerly came and made things a bit messy, but we'll be back again tomorrow with reinforcements to celebrate the birth of our glorious monarch.


Sunday, June 04, 2006

A new member of the congregation

Fuelled up (or weighed down?) with massive burger, J, P and I head down the east coast today. Joeleee pops the cherry of his spanking new mal, replete with eye-of-dave talisman (photos next week when we remember the camera). Bit quiet on the swell side of things, very infrequent 3 footers rolling up against Phillip Island and we find ourselves at Smiffy which is the only place with a break given the crazy lack of water (note to selves, actually check a tide chart next time). Bit chilly in and we all get numb feet but it doesn't stop us catching our share of the scant pickings plus we meet a man who can paddle even faster than Zombie. Nude food for lunch but an out of the ordinary poor showing from the nude team, prob cause we didn't have our treasure with us! On the way home a quick stop at Outback Jack donuts. [Outback Jack, you no doubt have broadband wireless in your mobile donut truck and often search the world wide web for feedback on your (generally) fine donut products, we'd urge you to consider a move to a higher quality jam in the centre, just a thought]


PS: what's one of the few things better than cooking yourself (and others) a tasty burger? eating your tasty burger leftovers like we just did, nice

Saturday, June 03, 2006

I guess it's an automated news service but still....

So I thought I'd google our website.... only one link at the moment from the Peruvian news site called Arequipa Arequipa (Arequipa being a reasonable sized town about 7hrs by bus south of Lima). You'd think if they'd actually read my post they might not have included it but I guess it's important that people get the right info ;)


google search of "thatsatastyburger"

The 2006 Burger-Off - Round 1

From where I sat, round one of the burger cooking comp was a success, Sergio, Eddie and yours truly whipping up a decent burger. Back me up people?