Tasty Burger

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

now that's a spicy burger

Second burger experience in India last night and it was a doozy. Eaten at The Park hotel the chicken tikka burger came with mint chutney, marinated onion, assorted salad and a more than reasonable dose of heat. Best taken with a kingfisher to douse the flames and napkin to wipe the brow sweat it was indeed a tasty burger. Some of the best (read hottest) tikka i've tasted, nice

Never blogged the first burger which was from Marry Brown. In the absence of american fat farms such as maccas or burger king (chennai is thankfully still free of all these beasties) Marry Brown is the closest thing you get. A local burger joint it does an indian take on the traditional fast food soggy bun burger. Pretty reasonable and spicy burgers for 50 cents but unfortunately... 'not tasty'

see you all soon with what's left of the roof of my mouth


Sunday, June 26, 2005


Who is that masked man? (large - 6.5mb, but worth it)

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Albert Park Burger

Wa-hey... we're in Albert Park, site of Melbourne's krazy wacked-out happenings, fly culture and home of the beatz. Hey wait, some guy's shooting at a cop at a house party over there, and what's that I hear? A jam session on the roof of a tram stop - there's a bald guy screaming into a microphone and a chick in a leather jacket beating the hell out of a dustbin.

...and then I woke up, to the grey reality of estate-agent-encrusted Albert Park.

However it has one redeeming feature, and that is the shining beacon that is Andrew's Hamburgers on Bridport St, near the Village centre. Joel and Pete went along to witness the staff in this tiny place cranking out burgers. We've heard a lot about these guys in the press and from word of mouth, so they had a lot to live up to. The burgers have an excellent balance of onion, cheese and patty, and are extremely tasty. There needed to be some beetroot, but we'll say no more about that, except that it is the recommended place to go if you find yourself stranded on a Winter solstice night in the dark, dead heart of Albert Park.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Rock Paper Scissors - Australian Championship

Victoria (VIC). Melbourne: ‘Hawthorn Hotel’. PH: 03 9819 0811

Heat 1: Friday 15/7/05

Heat 2: Friday 22/7/05

FINAL: Friday 29/7/05

RPS Australian Championships

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

elvis has left the building

check out the settlers scores, Joel-ee is new reigning champ on percentage, nice work! Must be all the commodity trading at work?

but were they tasty?

Matt Preston from the Epicure section of the Age has done some indepth research into the burgers of melbourne. However, inspite of his lengthy discourse on the topic he never grapples with the all important question, "Is it a tasty burger?", skirting round the issue by deciding which burger is "best". I'm sure the Tasty Team will have a chance to re-review some of these places in the coming month and bring you the hard-hitting results.

Lockie from Chennai

PS will endeavour to give you some Indian burger updates while i'm here

Thursday, June 09, 2005

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Monday, June 06, 2005

a surf and a tasty dilemma

Pete, Serge and Lockie head down the east coast to Smith's Beach to find a solid swell sneaking 2-4" waves into the bay and a north-easterly providing clean conditions... Pete's brief exchange of pleasantries with a local only helped to confirm our choice of beach. No baywatch style rip rescues this weekend, just lots of time spent standing on boards, nice.

Post surf eats back at Tracey's Place near the bridge sampling the mexican and parmigana burgers with an easy verdict, indeed a tasty burger! It was then put to the group that perhaps a burger's tastiness was influenced by a surf induced hunger... were we in fact tainting our careful analysis? Would a surfless burger pass the tasty test? To this end we'll endeavour to bring a non-surfing control subject along next trip to act as our burger benchmark.


Thursday, June 02, 2005

no she's not a one legged chinese lady

Guess you'll just have to take my word on this one when I say that the Irene Burger is indeed a tasty burger. Found only at the Ford Australia proving ground canteen next to the You Yangs state park, it is a select bunch of ppl who will ever savour this simple yet scrumptious burger. Not flash like some of the modern burgers that are turning up these days, irene's is just tom sauce on beef, egg, salad and perfectly cooked onion. Not sure what she's doing that makes it work particularly well, maybe it's the knowledge that there's nothing much else to eat within a 30min drive except for roadkill... but whatever it is, she makes a tasty burger.