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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


MM and I watched Malena over the weekend. Lockie is right, this is a brilliant movie. So many things to like about this film: the scenery, opressed Catholic humour, some fantasic Italian slang, and of course Monica. (Zombie)

Monday, May 30, 2005


When the surf report predicts 10" bombs out the back and gale force southerlies you'd better believe we're going to sleep in. As is was the only updates include another visit to GBC (yep still tasty and a bonus point for having recent FHM's as table reading material) and two whopping canings of serge and lockie by pete at settlers... that smarts!

Sunday, May 29, 2005


while not related to burgers, bogans or boards, lockie's thumping puerto rico victory in the wee hours of saturday morning deserves a mention somewhere...

Scoring one for da Northside!

In stark contrast to the st kilda wank that awaits you on acland st, lockie sampled the burger fare at the bustling smokey confines of the Napier pub in Fitzroy, a local institution. In favour of the napier burger it comes with a large side order of skin-on wedges, a healthy smattering of salad and a tropical cocktail umbrella poked into the turkish bun... and in what could only be a sign from God [dave] it is aptly named the "Bogan Burger". Coming filled with all of nature's goodness including chicken, beef, bacon (3 animals... count em, 3!) pineapple, egg and more, this is indeed a certified Tasty Burger, quite possibly the tastiest this author has tastied.

Grill'd arrives in St Kilda

These people opened a store near 7 Apples on Acland Street, so Pete decided to have a look...

ABC's inside reporter Luisa Saccotelli did an interview last year with the owner Simon Crowe, and this quote pretty much sums it up.
"A Melbourne eatery where the burgers aren't touted as gourmet but quality, fresh, with an even healthier dose of branding."

The reality is very close to this, though there was little branding in sight, which was a relief. Nevertheless you have to wonder whether someone who is more interested in how a burger chain looks, can maintain a focus on Tasty Burgers.

In the shop, there are a few choices of beef, lamb, chicken fillet, and veggie burgers with several dressings. All the ingredients are very fresh, and the beef in the Mighty Melbourne burger was about the leanest this writer has experienced. But how did it rate in terms of tastiness? How indeed... While the balance was mostly good, it was a little bland, except for an overpowering tarragon flavour in the mayo. Guys! Do not put tarragon in the burger, it is wrong and is considered a Burger Crime according to the Los Angeles protocols of 1894.

Other choices may be tastier - the chicken and lamb varieties are probably worth checking. Watch this space...

Interview here

Monday, May 23, 2005

Dave's Prayer

Our Dave, who art a Bogan,
Hollow be thy waves,
If thy swell don't come
We will be bummed
On land as in the water.
Give us this day our daily wave,
And forgive us our drop ins
As we forgive those who drop in on us.
And lead us not into rip tides,
But deliver us from white pointers.
For thine is the mullet
And the onshore
And the offshore
For ever and ever

Sunday, May 22, 2005

the alternative surf

Lockie and Matt did Flinders today. This place is often ridiculed from the carpark but it was big today. It was tastier than a San Remo tasty burger. 4-5 ft with lots of power, and out of the wind. Being high tide we managed to avoid the embarrasment of no waves.

Meanwhile, Joel, Pete and a virginal Serge hit Philip Island. Stopped off at the surf shop just over the bridge to get Serge kitted out, then checked out Forest and Cat Bay, both of which were dead. Surf Beach was going off, and we had a couple of hours of intermittent benediction from Our Lord Dave.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

mad dogs and english men

watched pete's favourite movie of all eternity, the 'mental' wickerman. straight talking cop won't bone brit ekland so they kill him, or something like that. Three games of settlers, lockie 2, serge 1 and pete was still oohing and ahhing about the fillum and didn't get a point.

flat soled shoes

friday night bowls and jazz at the north fitzroy bowls club, no tasty burgers but plenty of fine draw shots. One game of settlers while Matt slumbered on the couch (don't tell Maryanne). Condsidered putting the cities up his nose but was worried he's choke and i'd be in endless trouble with the kid when it grew up.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Tolarno Tasty

Joel and Pete strike out to another little-talked-about but worthy contender for the St Kilda Tasty Burger awards (which admittedly do not exist but should). The venue in question is the Tolarno Boutique Hotel at 42 Fitzroy St, and though the name sounds stomach churning, the burgers most certainly are not.
You can either go into the bar at the back, or venture the bistro which is more formal. Being the barflys that we are, we opted for the former.

You only get two choices - with or without bacon, but it was indeed tasty and substantial, with a hint of nutmeg detected nestling within the confines of the burger itself. Any more places like this and GBC (reviewed last week) and burger fans around the world will be flocking to St Kilda. North side Melbourne - it's your call.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Stubbs the Zombie

A new game!!
Can you juggle your hectic schedule without your arms falling off?

Summer 2005, with Dave in the background

Monday, May 09, 2005


Sunday, May 08, 2005

yo' momma

2 Games on the Sat night following the 3 on the Friday at Nick's. Both games go to Lockie, but the real winner on the night was sledging, dirty play is here to stay.

Until I figure out a better way to display settlers scores here's the running tally of games from the weekend:

--------Played-------Won--------Win Rate

Will look better as we rack up the games

- Lockie

Gourmet Tasty

GBC (Gourmet Burger Co.) on Fitzroy St in St Kilda on Sat night. Pete and Joel eat experimental pear, blue cheese and beef burger, Lockie eats AB Fab chicken, avo and bacon. Unanimous decision

Verdict: That's a Tasty Burger!

- Lockie


Pete, Joel and Lockie down the west coast for Sat morn surf. Arrived at Ocean Grove at 10ish and caught a couple in onshore slop. High tide at 11 sent out down to Anglesea for less than satisfactory lunch at a place called something like Eats-2-Go. Pies served in styrofoam dishes, 'nuff said... def no tasty burgers. Back to Bells Beach where the surf looked ok from the carpark but in the water another story for these Bells virgins. Massive freight trains breaking out the back that mashed Joel and Lockie but left Pete a victorious white water warrior. Score: Dave 2, Surf Posse 1. ouch, cherry well and truly popped

- Lockie


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