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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Frisbee Challenge

Here I am in central park without a frisbee to throw....

He who sends Joeleee an Aussie frisbee first wins THE prize
10 Spring St Apt 3
New York, new York 10012
Northern Hemisphere
Solar System
Milky Way

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Strange Combinations

Mmmmmm... cupcakes.....
Its like Dub and winning settlers
Like G-Lovie and warmth in the water
Like Serge and straight eyes
Like Zombie and free passes
Unbelievable! He can talk sh*t from the other side of the planet!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Strange Patty in a Strange Land

A late entry I know, but as the regular reader of this news magazine would be familiar with, it’s content over timing. Upon re-entry to my native land, I have visited many spots and sampled many food items, but only few of which are worthy of mention here (doggs, slices and American lager amid a lack of surf has not been good for my version of the trim and tuck Tasty Burger crew bod). However, I did recently sample a burger not-of-the-usual meat variety.

A drive through the magical North Cascades mountain range procured lots of wonderful things, including a stop off at an old-timer dinner. I walked in not expecting much for a trucker type roadhouse, but I was instantly greeting by the friendliest of country types. Upon learnin’ of my yearnin’ for a burger, I was quickly seated and given a list containing an unusual variety.

There were at least four meats on hand beyond the standard beef including emu, elk, venison and buffalo. Given my proximity to a certain onlooker, I opted for the largest among the menagerie and tucked in. As many omnivores would know, buffalo or bison meat is advertised as more lean, yet not lacking in full flavor for those craving the more traditional bovine tang. This patty did not disappoint – grilled on a flame but not overdone and still juicy. Complimentary fillings were crisp and fresh of the salad variety and sauce was brought to the table for the diner’s choice of quantity and drip factor (a typical practice in non-fast-food US eateries). Although the bun was below par (a slim yellowish bread product) the buffalo burger was indeed tasty, with the alternative meat highly recommended, even for the non-adventurous.

In an update of the surfing injury I sustained in my final days down under, I have yet to regain feeling in the knuckles of my index and middle fingers on my left hand – 2 inches above the spot where Dubs decided to use his board as a human dicing devise. I continue to view this development of a further progression of my super-hero transformation and will shop accordingly. I’ll test my new powers of senselessness on Dub’s face once my surfing nemesis appears before me again…

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